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We design and furnish aquarium / garden ponds / Water-Falls / Large Public display such as public aquaria and large exhibition displays


Absoulute solutions for problems arising in your aquarium or garden ponds such as water turrning green / brown / milky for an unknown reason/ exessive algal growth (green mass) covering bottom and the walls of the pond or floating in chuncks.Fish dieing without a known cause.Plants do not survive.

Birds attacking fish / falling leaves settling down to bottom of the pond and decaying therein. You simply dream an unconvetional aquarium and let us know the concept, if physically possible, we will materlize your dream into a reality at the best possible standards for you.

May it be wall to wall aquarium where length is not a problem / pillar aquarium as high as 2 meters / floor-aquarium where you will think twice before putting your foot over it, and even car-aquarium: a car filled with water and converted into an aquarium!.

"What else you want?, that you should tell us"